Sunday, July 12, 2009

Vacation Fun!!

This is our campsite at Pirateland in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. The beach was about 1/4 mile away by golfcart.
Maddie trying out a hammock

Doesn't Joshua look comfy?

The beautiful Atlantic Ocean. The kids has so much fun!

Crabby Hats

Shark hats at Ripley's Aquarium

Stingrays. Notice Maddies tan?!?!?!

Just threw this one in because its so cute!

After the pageant, Joshua got Maddie a new stuffed animal, she loves animals!

Our beautiful pageant girl. she didn't win but she got a trophy and was excited about it!
Vacation was great, the beach was fabulous, the weather was wonderful and it went by entirely too quickly! We camped on the beach for a week and visited the aquarium, Dixie Stampede and a really cool place called Broadway at the beach which was just like downtown Disney. We ate at Planet Hollywood, Jimmy Buffets and a couple of other cool places. Maddie did build a bear, and Joshua and Matt did a fun MagiQuest thing where they got wands and went on a scavenger Hunt. We are thinking we want to go back again soon!
In other news..........Matt turned 40 this past week, Joshua turns 8 on the 19th and Maddie starts Kindergarten in 5 weeks. Time is flying by.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spring is here!

The pedicure party.....while getting her pedicure, Maddie said "Will someone hand me a piece of pizza"......thats my girl!
Rylee Jane is almost 8 weeks old!

SURPRISE! Mom loved her surprise party, thanks to all you who prayed for no rain!

Grandma Linda with her three angels...

Before the ceremony, she was so nervous!

Walking up to get her College Diploma

She did it!! We are so proud of you mom!!

Joshuas end of the year picnic at the park for school. I took the day off to be with he and Maddie and the day was beautiful!

Maddie chose a Dalmation dog for her face

Joshua chose a Panther Paw (of course)

Ok so we came home for lunch and this was what we saw. ALOT of rain this day!

Mothers Day

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Maddie!

Madelyn's awesome Barbie/Princess Birthday Cake that Nana Linda made!
Joshua got Maddie a "baby alive", she asked for this for a long time!

Joshua and his bestest pal Kobe

Joshua and the most beautiful 3 week old baby in the world, my niece Rylee Jane

Yo-ho, Yo-ho, our pirate and his princess

Can you find Joshua among the 200(yes 200 pirates) at his school program. Their music teacher is phenominal she did a great job putting this together and the kids were fabulous!! Would you believe he is standing next to Sarah, that was not his choice but just where they were in the play!!

Sarah, Joshua, Madelyn and Sophia

Too cool of a picture. The RA's held their annual derby car race on Sunday and this picture is of Joshua winning a race.

Joshua tied Wil and Nathan for first place, he was pumped!!! I think there were about 17 kids all together.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter and Welcome Rylee!

Let's see Joshus got some Pokemon cards and a trading book, a star wars book, some bath foam and some Candy. Maddie got a Barbie Princess Movie a Mickey Mouse book, some bath foam and some candy.
Dressed up for Easter

They stood here for a really long time just watching Rylee. Both of them were amazed and so proud of their new baby cousin

Our little princess who is getting so very very tall!

Joshua and his "best buddy" Ranger
I'm and Aunt, yay!!! Rylee Jane was born on Friday April 3rd at 8:21pm after my poor sister in law endured 23 hours of labor :( Rylee greeted us after a C-Section weighing in at 7lbs 14oz, 20" long and lots of dark hair. She is so beautiful and such a good baby! My brother and sis are so blessed! And Joshua and Madelyn think their new cousin is more than perfect. Joshua is so gentle with her and likes to give her gentle kisses and hold her. Maddie wants to hold her for about 2 seconds then she wants Uncle Ryan to throw her around. Matt says we are going to spoil Rylee rotten!! :)
Easter was great, especially with the new addition, the kids had a great time hunting eggs and opening all their baskets from everyone.
Joshua reminded me tonight that only 5 more weeks of school until Summer vacation....can that be possible??!! Although since it was 50 degrees today it still feels like WINTER!
Until next time.....

Friday, March 20, 2009

The basketball Star and the "kindergartener"!!

Cool shot huh?
Joshua's final game of the season.

Yes, this is our daughter in my shoes and bra and notice the "return of the jedi shirt".....stylish don't you think?!?!
First of all I cannot stress enough that this family is gald to see Spring is on its way. Jennifer battled strep throat this week, Joshua caught the fever part of it and has been down for two days and we are ready to be healthy! Ready to get outside, do some yard work and most of all go camping!! In our fifth wheel that is, sorry I like my own bathroom and such, I like to rough it but in my own camper :) Myrtle Beach is calling our names this year so in July we are heading there to camp right on the beach for a week. We did this a couple of years ago and it was great, you just jump in your golfcart and it takes about 2 minutes to get to the beach, can not wait!!!!
Maddie has some news she would like to share....ok, she's asleep so I will share. She is going to Kindergarten!!! And is very much excited. Her testing was today and she passed with flying colors, the testing teacher said it was a little hard to test her when Madelyn was telling HER what she should be doing, haha!! But the teacher knows Maddie very well and she was comfortable with her. I (Jennifer)was concerned about sending her too early but I was reassured today she is right on track and is above average to her peers, yay!! Madelyn will be 5 next month and two years ago April 9th, yes TWO YEARS AGO we received the call on Madelyn. Can you believe we have almost had her two years? After her testing we were talking with some teachers and I asked Maddie if she told them the Pledge of Allegance and she sighed and said "No, I guess I need to do that" was soooo funny. She likes to recite it for anyone who will listen!
Joshua is done with basketball and will start baseball practice soon. He is the opposite of Maddie and is ready for school to be over with for the year, he is very much and outdoors kid and is ready for warm weather, swimming and playing with the neighborhood kids every day. He's doing well in school and brings home mostly A's. A couple of B's this time but hey, thats ok. He would just rather be playing sports or with his friends. Oh and I can't forget he is telling his dad that when he turns 16 (yes he's 7 1/2) that he wants either a Jeep like daddys or maybe a hummer.........ok well high hopes and dreams are good I guess...right?!?!
Still no baby...sigh.....Ok, so I am not the one 9 months pregnant its my poor sister in law. We are patiently waiting for Miss Rylee Jane to greet us, my prediction was today and unless she decides to arrive like within the next two hours I think I lost! Maybe next week, we hope, although according to the Dr's (what do they know), Rylee still has a couple of weeks before she could actually be here...but really anytime they say!
Until next time....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Whats been happening....

The injury......
Just being silly.

Monday night at Joshua's basketball game, he was "guarding his opponent" as he so well tells the story and well....they kind of bumped heads and his result was this nice black eye. He sat out for a minute but we are proud of him as he finished out the rest of the game! He was actually excited to show off this shiner the next day at school...BOYS!!!!! HA! He has one more basketball game left then in about a month they start practicing for baseball! NEVER STOPS!

Maddie has decided that she might like to take dance/gymnastics instead of playing softball so she we are checking into that for her right now. Maddie is going to be tested for Kindergarten in a couple of weeks. At first I thought no way is she ready but she continues to amaze us at how smart she is and how much she already knows! Maddie is on her 4th round of antibiotics, not sure what is going on but she continues to cough and be congested and now we've has some ear aches and some fever going on as well!

Things have been a bit hectic around our household. My brother Ryan and sister-in-law Jeni are preparing to have their baby girl in about 2-3 weeks and we are ALL really excited. Praise the Lord that all is well with her and baby Rylee so far! We continue to pray for a safe and healthy delivery for both momma and little one.
Our family lost my Aunt Kay on Friday night after a long battle with ovarian cancer. This is my dads sister. We are thankful she is free from pain and even more thankful that we know she is walking with her Lord right now (most likely bossing others around too :) But, she is going to be missed so so much. She was so full of energy and gave so much of her time volunteering at her local hospital and helping others. Some of my most favorite memories is when the whole family would come home to visit and we would spend the weekends at my Grandma Batsons playing cards, trivial pursuit and eating, I have to smile at that thought because those were some of the best times ever!! We miss you and Love you Aunt Kay...

Business is good, again Praise the Lord, and very busy. It takes up most of Matts time and some of mine in the evenings. You never leave work when you own your own business and sometimes it can be tough, but God sees us through it all and has provided for all our needs and most importantly gives us direction.

Until next time......

Monday, January 19, 2009

Some Holiday Pics

Ranger....Joshua took this one.
Christmas at the Wrights, Joshua opening his Wii nerf game

Christmas at the Batsons, Maddie opening her Mickey pillow and blankie

Just as cute as can be!

Matt mad the Grandpas and uncle Ryan Corn hole games and the kids decorated them!

don't let the cuteness fool ya :)

Joshua is proud of his gingerbread house!

First results from the Easy Bake Oven....cookies!

Christmas Morning