Friday, May 30, 2008

Birthday and other fun

Joshua scanning the "groceries" in the kids store at the Magic House
They loved this, the balls were being pushed by air making it look like they were floating!

Pushing her Mickey

Maddie got to blow out her very first birthday candles on her Mickey cake Nana Linda made her. She celebrated her 4th birthday, her first with us!

Didn't take long to get the hang of opening gifts.
Where has the time gone? It's been a month.....did I say that right? YES A MONTH since our vacation at Disney (I'm ready to go back!) and things have been crazy. Maddie celebrated her birthday once we got home with lots of family and friends and could not wait to get her hands on her Mickey Mouse cake Nana Linda made her. We had a beautiful cool day to celebrate our little China dolls first birthday celebration here with us since her adoption. Hard to believe that at this time last year we were waiting on our travel plans to come through to go and get her and now shes almost been here a year, Is that possible????!!!!
What an amazing little girl God has blessed us with! No matter where we go she gets attention and everyone falls in love with her voice and her laugh.
Joshua begins baseball tomorrow, IF it does not rain, he seems a little excited but hopefully after it gets going he will be more into it, I hope so because he has ALOT of games to play :) He is glad school is out but I think he already misses not seeing his friends each day. We live in a kid friendly neighborhood so he and Maddie both have lots of friends to spend time with. The summer will go by so fast, it always does.
Maddie is going to begin private schooling in a few weeks with a teenager from the National Honor Society at our high school. I'm hopeful she can help Maddie catch up with some basic skills so by this time next year we will be looking at her starting Kindergarten.....Ok, TIME IS PASSING ME BY! She catches on so quickly and remembers everything, she will do great! Joshua finished school this year with an almost PERFECT report card and got an award for 100% spelling accuracy, he did not miss one spelling word all year long! He also got awards for academic excellence and accelerated reading. Yes I am bragging big time! Hey its never to early to push for a scholarship....right???!!! :)
More pics to come later.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Vacation Fun

Water Park Fun
The moment she had been waiting for, she meets Mickey!!


Stitch Backpacks

Daddy & Joshua having fun trying on hats

Pluto aka Plu-dog as Maddie calls him

Nasa's newest astronaut

This was so cool, outside the Lego store, these were all made of legos, can you find Maddie & Joshua? BTW, Joshua fell in love with the Lego store and came home with some cool ones. Speed Racer is his new thing and they had lots to choose from!

One of my favorite pics!

The family with Mickey

Daddy & Maddie

In front of Mt. Everest at Animal Kingdom. Joshua rode this one twice

Chip & Dale, do you know which one is which....we do :)

POWER RANGERS!!!!! YES, JOSHUA GOT TO MEET THEM!! This one is Blue from Jungle Fury

Here are just a few of our 300 + pictures we took from our Disneyworld vacation last week!! We had a blast, the weather was perfect and the kids had so much fun. Maddie got to celebrate her 4th birthday (and first with us) while having dinner with Mickey & friends and Joshua was tall enough to ride space mountain and Mt. Everest, he LOVED the roller coasters.
More to come later!