Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spring is here!

The pedicure party.....while getting her pedicure, Maddie said "Will someone hand me a piece of pizza"......thats my girl!
Rylee Jane is almost 8 weeks old!

SURPRISE! Mom loved her surprise party, thanks to all you who prayed for no rain!

Grandma Linda with her three angels...

Before the ceremony, she was so nervous!

Walking up to get her College Diploma

She did it!! We are so proud of you mom!!

Joshuas end of the year picnic at the park for school. I took the day off to be with he and Maddie and the day was beautiful!

Maddie chose a Dalmation dog for her face

Joshua chose a Panther Paw (of course)

Ok so we came home for lunch and this was what we saw. ALOT of rain this day!

Mothers Day

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Mysty and Anthony said...

ok...any updates about your dad? I can't believe that happened...that's crazy! I sure hope he gets some relief soon!!! Keep me posted!