Sunday, September 30, 2007

Starting off Fall with cookies!

After church today I promised Madelyn and Joshua we would make some cookies, so yesterday I prepared the dough and today we had some fun! We rolled out our dough and Maddie chose a pumpkin cutter and Joshua chose a Ghost! We baked them and decorated with icing.....yum :) Maddie decided that after decorating two cookies she would just eat hers and had about a pound of icing to three bites of cookie. Beleive it or not she is Actually napping right now, even after all that sugar.

Madelyn was a trooper at the dentist this week. They used a mask to sedate didn't work! But she did like to play with it so it kept her busy while he filled one of her teeth. She has another appointment this week and probably one-two more after that until all five can be filled!

Joshua got his first set of golf clubs this week and he is pumped! He is ready to hit the greens to hit some balls!

Hope these pics are easier to see!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Next Tiger Woods?

Well, Joshua has decided that he likes Golf??!! Matt took him to hit some balls on Sunday and he loved it so we are looking on e-bay for a set of clubs for him. He can hit the ball hard and far so maybe he has already found his sport :) He is doing great in first grade and is reading up a storm already! Tonight he had two books to read and breezed right through them, we are so proud of him!

Maddie continues to pick up English each day. A few minutes ago she told Joshua and I to "be quiet, I have to do my humwork". And shooshed us with her fingers..too funny! She has grown a bit to and is starting to fill out more, her cheeks are not quite so chubby and her 4t clothes...sigh....are starting to get smaller. The fall ones seem to be fine though! A friend of mine at work gave us a dozen pairs of shoes, including 4 pairs of boots and Maddie is in heaven, she loves them!!!!! She goes to the Dentist on Thursday to start her first round of fillings. I think she will be just fine, she is a strong kid and our Dentist is great with kids! Maddie planted herself on his lap at the football game a few weeks ago, she gets along great with everyone!

Business is slowwww right now but the deer are beginning to run which means lots of business for us. God led us to open this business so we have faith He will provide, even during slow times, we have been just fine.

Here are some updated photos too.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Something New

Hi friends and family. I decided that with so many of you living far away I would start this Blog and try to update often so you can keep up with our family...if you want to that is :) I will work on it this weekend and try to add some photos and will hopefully keep it up to date with pictures and chronicles of our lives!

Tonight Joshua and Madelyn are "sleeping over" at nana Linda's and papa Alan's house. We'll see how that goes!!! This will be Maddie's first sleepover since we got home from China. Matt seems to think she will do fine....I am not sure!

Will be back soon with photos and more fun stories!