Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Week of Firsts!

Is she ready for school or what? Maddie started pre-school today. The first thing she told me after school was "guess what, I did not even get in trouble for talking once"...... She has already learned she has to raise her hand before she can talk!
Joshua's first day at his desk in Mrs. Malans class.

Getting ready to leave for second grade!!!

Both of our wonderful kids headed off to school.

NO training wheels!!!!

Maddie needed her helmet on too!
Well, so far Joshua thinks he likes second grade :) Homework started the first day and I thought he was going to have a fit, but he did good and is already reading about 40 pages per night! He said they are doing science and he likes that. He did not get in the same class with Sarah but we knew eventually that would happen, over 60 kids in one grade with three teachers....bound to happen at some point. We told him what a great chance to make new friends! He still sees Sarah on the playground at an lunch. He really is dealing with it well, so proud of him!
Now Maddie began private pre-school today. She wanted me to drop her off at the door!!!!! Sorry girlie, gotta sign you in and out each day, ha! She was nervous but that lasted about 2 minutes and she's ready to go back on Thursday! Our neighbor Addie is in her class too and that will be good since they see each other every day and are comfortable around each other! I think that really helped. She said they had snacks, played outside and thats all she remembers.....funny that is all Joshua ever remembered too!!
Very proud of our two kids, thought second grade would be no problem when we took him the first day...well, it was no problem for him.....now mommy on the other hand did not handle so well. And yes Mysty, I did WAIT until I got in the car to cry! Today when I dropped Maddie off, I was crying before I got out of the room...sigh.... they really do grow up right before our eyes. I can't even find the right words to say how much we love these kids and what wonderful, precious blessings they are to us!
Business is still fantastic, God is truely providing so much for us right now!
Until later,
The Wright's

Monday, August 4, 2008


Today was Madelyn's visit to the Cardiologist. The Doc says her EKG looked great and the hole in her heart has not grown any larger. Madelyn has grown a few inches so the Doc says this is good news, it means that while her heart is growing with her body it is not making the hole any worse....so far. She tells us that Madelyn being so active is a good sign that she is doing well and striving just as a 4 year old should. However, they feel that medication is probably needed to control her blood pressure as she grows. Our Doc will be meeting with a team of cardiologists next week and they will review Maddies charts and decide whether or not the medication is needed. Right now it looks as though it is, just to be on the safe side. They did tell us that Madelyn will have open heart surgery, just not right now. She will continue to have heart tests done every six months until they feel she needs the surgery. They tell us that if she can wait until her teenage years, it would be much better because most of her growing would be done.

Maddie is a very active and healthy little girl, we are thankful for the good news today and although we know now what her future holds we are sure that God will take this in His hands. The Doctor was very positive and continued to tell us how happy she was with Maddies tests today.

We also found out today that Madelyn is going to be able to attend a private Pre-School just as Joshua did a few years ago. Up until today we thought she could not get in due to them being full, but they have an opening and she starts August 19th. We are thankful for this news because the education Joshua got at this school was fabulous and he was more than prepared for Kindergarten!

Joshua is registered for 2nd grade and getting excited although he says he is not ready for the summer to be over with he is ready to meet his new teacher and see his friends again.

OH HOW COULD I FORGET, more good news to end with. I am going to be an AUNT!!! My brother Ryan and his wife Jeni are expecting a baby and found out today she is due April 1st.....and April fools baby,.....those of you that know my brother know how perfect that is :) We are all very excited for them and are praying for a safe and healthy next 8 months!

God has been overly blessing our family, our business is striving and has never been better. We now have 5 full time employees going strong and each day we are thankful for what He is providing us with. We never imagined that in four years we would have built such a business....let me rephrase that, GOD built our business and we just work there. He has provided every customer that walks through our door and every job we get, we are blessed beyond words.

Well, after a long day its off to bed for a tired, stuffy head and nose Jennifer for some much needed rest.

Love to all.
The Wrights

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend Fun

Joshua & Madelyn at Chuckie Cheese
Is this not the coolest picture! Maddie is our water bug. She does so well in the water1

Joshua has been taking swimming lessons and all of the sudden loves the water! He is doing so great and we are very proud of him!

Joshuas birthday present was a trip to the Monster Truck Jam in Kentucky. It was at night so the 100 degree weather was not all that bad. Joshua and daddy enjoyed, Madelyn and Mommy....well, it was interesting :)

Joshua by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Truck

Daddy & Kids