Thursday, April 17, 2008

We're still here, I promise!

Ok, so our camera broke, completely out of commission.... so Matt bought us a new one. Well, I have yet to have time to sit down and figure out how to download pics to the computer!! I promise to get some new pics soon.

As for whats going on with us, Joshua is playing baseball again this summer so practice has begun for that. He seems to like it ok but every night after school he is out playing basketball. Matt got his goal put up last week and he is constantly playing, no matter what the weather he says he needs to practice....and he is getting quite good I must say :) He really really likes his sports! Still doing fabulous in school and he competed in the church bible drills this past Sunday evening and qualified for the Associational drills which will be held this coming Sunday night. They have 20 bible verses to learn, along with all the books, old and new testament. He can rattle those off no problem and he has mastered 15 of the 20 verses (so have I with having to practice with him). They stand in front of the congregation while the coach drills them. WOW, I wish I would have had this when I was young, talk about learning alot!!! I could not find the book of Nahum if you paid me, haha!!

Maddie is doing great, and growing like crazy. She has slimmed down and grown about 4 inches since we brought her home last Summer. She can wear all her size 4 clothes once again! She finished this semesters pre-school and although it seems to me like she did not get much out of it, I have noticed some things just this week so I think it was a success. She can remember the words to songs from just hearing them once!! We will be celebrating her 4th birthday on April 30th with Mickey and Minnie at Epcot. We leave on April 26th for our Disney Vacation and we are SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

God has been blessing our family with a busy season for Matt, he has been working alot of hours to keep up so this vacation is much needed...although I am afraid he will be calling the shop alot, ha!

Pictures to come soon....I hope!