Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

They really did look cute, just not in the picture taking mood this Easter Morning
Maddie gets her first Easter Basket ever, her favorite thing was her Mickey Mouse movie

Joshua loved his Illini shirt and put it on right after church, he also got some magic rocks - remember those, they are too cool!

The Easter egg hunt on Saturday - it was about 40 degrees, windy and freezing, today on Easter it snowed!!!!

Dying eggs

Palm Sunday, Joshua and Maddie got to wave the palm leaves as a ladies trio sang.

She actually smiled through it all, not sure how I got this shot without one, oh well :)
All is well here, we are STILLLLLL waiting for Spring to come around, last week we had record breaking rainfall, like 11" in 24 hours and it sure seemed like Spring was here - today it snowed....
We had a great Easter with family and wonderful food as always. I asked Joshua this morning what Easter was all about and he told me that Jesus was nailed to the cross but he came back to life three days later and that is why we have Easter.....that's my boy :)
Matt's business is doing well, praises to God for allowing us to be blessed so much. All of us seem to be healthy at this time, ha and we are looking forward to our Disney Trip the end of April and Maddies birthday on April 30th - which we will be having breakfast with Mickey and Minnie that day!! We have had some other prayers answered this week personally and we again thank God for that.
Sending our love to you all,
Matt, Jennifer, Joshua and Madelyn and Ranger (woof)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

MORE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't this a great pic? You can't see it well but in the background the snow is coming down so heavy you can hardly see the neigbors!
View down our street

View from the other direction, yes that is ICE on that tree then covered with about 6" of snow, all TODAY!

This is the front of our house just a few minutes ago. Will Winter ever end :(


Joshua and Mommy
Maddie "I do it by myself" she kept telling us.

Joshua and Sarah

A little practicing before we hit the "big floor"

Joshua and Sarah (imagine that)

Maddie putting her skates on for the first time with Sophia.
Thank you Yolanda and Tim for getting these great shots! Both kids did extremely well and by themselves I might add! I had not been skating for.....well, alot of years! :o)

Monday, March 3, 2008

March already?

Maddie got her "big girl" bed this week and she loves it!
She pulled this rocking chair up to the TV and got comfy to watch Dora.

SCC at the concert!

The show hope crew.
The concert was alot of fun, really tiring and made for a late Sunday night but we got to see over half of the concert and Steven Curtis Chapman was great. He is not only a great musician but just awe's the crowd with his speaking talent and telling stories about his 6 children, three are little girls adopted from China. We did not get to meet him, but the concert was very uplifting and definately made my spirit postive - oh and he really had the place going at the end with some more heavier Christian rock type songs!
Unfortunately I (Jennifer) have been under the weather since Saturday and came home early from work today with antibiotics.....this stuff will not seem to go away. I am feeling miserable right now so its off to the couch I go for the remainder of the evening. Oh before I forget it was 70 here yesterday and we all played outside for a few hours, it was wonderful....tonight we have an 80% change of snow and ice........don't ya just love Southern Illinois, haha! Oh well, I feel like staying at home inside tonight anyway.
I hope to post more pics of Joshua and Maddie skating soon too. Gotta get them transferred over.