Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Look at all this loot!!!
You can see how well Maddie's lip looks!

Is this not the cutest scarecrow and Army guy you have ever seen?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Joshua's Big Day

I wanted to post these pics of Joshua's baptism yesterday. Aren't they wonderful? We are still so excited about his decision to follow Christ.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ryan and Jeni are holding them up by their feet. This looks so funny, like Joshua and Madelyn have some really long legs....I love this picture!

Getting ready for the waters.

Is it 1969 again?????

Corn Dogs (yum, yum)

What a great weekend! Saturday was our city's 85th annual fall Mardi Gras Festival. After a week of rain the day turned out to be sunny and beautiful. We saw lots of old friends who come home for this event! The theme of Mardi Gras was "woodstock", thus explains the tye-died Wright Family above :0). We walk the mile long parade route filled with thousands of spectators and hand out candy. This is great advertisement for our business and is just plain fun! Joshua and Madelyn walked along with us too and they loved giving the candy out to the kids ( of all ages I might add).
Today (Sunday) Joshua was baptized. He has gotten to be so big just over the past few months. We had a family dinner for him afterwards and enjoyed some fellowship with loved ones.

Madelyn's lip tissue fell off today and we are amazed at how well the underneath looks. I will post a picture later, they are both sleeping now!

It has been a long but fun filled weekend and ol' mom is ready for bed at 9pm :0).

Until next time..............

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Update and Some Great News!

Let me first start by telling you all that on Wednesday night Joshua accepted Christ. He had been questioning Matt and I for some time now and we did not feel he was ready before. He called us into his bedroom and told us what was on his heart and boy oh boy is he ready. He explained the plan of salvation better than I could have ever thought about it! He accepted Christ right then and there and told us he had "flurries" in his heart after he prayed. He will be baptized this Sunday. We are beyond words proud of our "not so little" guy!

Madelyn is doing extremely well with her "doggie boo-boo". Unfortunately the plastic surgeon did not have much good news for us on Friday. He said the lip did not reattach itself and is dying and will soon fall off. But......he did say the longer it holds on the more the underneath will heal! Madelyn will need some plastic surgery but at this point they are not sure of how many or how often. It could be as little as one or as many as 4-5 within the course of a year. The lip is a sensitive spot and is hard to reconstruct. The positive part of this is that Madelyn is physically healthy and is doing really good. She does not complain and acts as though nothing has happened! She is such a tough little gal!

We have a busy weekend coming up with Pinckneyville's annual Mardi Gras fall festival and then Joshua's big day on Sunday. I will post some pictures after this weekend.

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for Madelyn to heal.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Monday, October 8, 2007

Holiday Weekend Fun

We went camping this weekend just about an hour North of us in Godfrey, Illinois. Ok, so this is OCTOBER, hello.....where is the FALL weather, the beautiful leaves changing and the brisk cool weather?? Well, we had fun anyway and braved "The Great Godfrey Corn Maze". The first section was a breeze and the second......ok so we got lost but after about 20 minutes we did find our way back and did not even have to ask for help! The kids got to make some sand art and both thought that was fun. We visited a pumpkin patch but honestly it was just too hot for a wagon ride so we enjoyed some ice cold apple cider and let the kids do some fun games while we watched.
Back to work and school tomorrow, three day weekends are so nice! Matt should find out tomorrow if or should I say WHEN he has foot surgery so I will keep you posted! He stepped on a nail back in May and they believe the infection has gotten into his bone and spread throughout his foot :( He has been in lots of pain and is getting tired of not being able to walk more than 10 feet without having to sit down. It's been really hard on him since he never sits down!
Joshua gets to take his McLimo ride to McDonalds on Wednesday, he was so excited to be chosen for that. One kid from each class gets to do this! Maddie is doing well as always and gets more shots tomorrow:( The fun never ends!